Troy Mills Historical Society Acquisition Policy

                                   (adopted 9/14/2017)

Before an acquisition is made for addition to the permanent collection of the Troy Mills 
Historical Society, these practical and legal considerations will be taken into account.
1. Practical considerations: Is the object consistent with the collection goals of the museum? Will the object be useful for exhibition and/or education purposes or research? Is the object in a reasonably good state of preservation and can be properly exhibited and stored? Will the acquisition result in major expenses because of needed conservation or maintenance?
2. Legal and Ethical considerations: Does the possessor of the object appear to be the sole owner/legal agent of the owner? Is the object authentic? Can all rights be conveyed to the Society? Is the object free of donor restrictions that inhibit prudent use by the Society?

                                      Acquisition Guidelines
---Item(s) must be consistent with and relevant to the stated purpose, scope       and activities of the Troy Mills Historical Society.
---Being able to provide proper care and storage for any artifact will be a

    first consideration. No item(s) will be considered for acquisition if future      care and preservation needs exceed the Society’s resources. Donations that     include financial support for long-term storage and preservation are

---All acquisitions are to be outright and unconditional.
---All donations to the Society’s collections are irrevocable upon the formal       
and physical transfer to the Troy Mills Historical Society.
---All acquisitions will remain in the possession of the Society as long as           they retain their physical integrity and remain useful to the Society’s  
---Donors are responsible for appraisals of value.

                                Procedures for Accepting Aquisitions
---The decision to take an object into the Society’s permanent collection is

    made by a quorum of members.
---Rejected objects will be returned to the donor with a letter of explanation.
---Accepted gifts will be acknowledged, a Deed of Gift generated with signed

    paper records maintained.